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Diaper Babies Gone Wild

2008 December 6
by JoDavid



• Lovingly rendered in bold paint strokes, this Free Spirited romp in the wild by a young Adam and Eve provokes many questions…

• Is that what a bunny really looks like to you?

• Will that girl face her demise in the swift river’s current?

• When does a rainbow have only two colors?

• Where are your parents and where are your pants?

This is one of the Museum’s recent finds without pedigree.

Much like these children, unceremoniously dropped off by someone for a neighborhood garage sale, this homeless unsigned castaway has found a warm home for the winter. Please come and welcome it to the Museum.


It’s whopping size of 51″x27″ underlines the artist’s commitment to telling his/her story of the Diaper Babies Gone Wild.

Upon closer inspection, it looks as though the artist has cleverly signed the piece hidden in the forground as grass shadows. How clever! Who would have ever thought of that. It looks like ‘something O’Dell’, see it?

We respectfully request your opinion, who better than you to be the judge and critic. Educate us! Please comment on this masterpiece below to tell us what you think could be going on here in this major new acquisition of the Museum…


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  1. January 30, 2009

    It’s fascinating to see these early works where Mark Ryden had not yet really found his now familiar style.

  2. Dana permalink
    April 24, 2009

    Are they alien babies? 😉

    I’m thinking the water would classify more as a stream than a river with a swiftly moving current. Still, it doesn’t take much water for it to be highly dangerous for little ones. Interesting add!

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