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• Francis Bacon Jr •

2008 December 6
by JoDavid

• Another new aquisition to the museum this month. A truly important piece. Completely dreadful!

• An unsigned wonder, so power-packed with angst and oppression as to beg the question…?

Life frankly and brutally portrayed. Look carefully at the menacing shadow suggested in the corner, the symbolism of formal parental dominance, the existential fetal pain and isolation, moving in it’s nature, and so common in it’s truth.  Feel it?  Who among us has not?  Tiny Face, Silent Scream!  Right?

This powerful new aquisition is on loan from the collection of James Crespinel, and as an untitled and unsigned piece, was aptly nicknamed “Francis Bacon Jr.” by art expert, author, and owner of Roq La Rue Gallery, Kirsten Anderson. 



Oh my God, each time I look at it, the face is more contorted than before, turning, changing, morphing, becoming each of us.

I hear moaning from that corner of the room at night.

I woke up asleep again today.

Help me understand all this with your comments below.

Please visit this outpatient at the Museum for full effect.



Unsigned, but not unrepentant 

Oil on canvas



And because our main mission here at Official Bad Art Museum of Art is the visual arts education of the masses, here’s an info link to the famous English figure painter Francis Bacon.

…And here is a link to an image gallery for the amazing art of Francis Bacon.

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